How we Operate

We are committed to treat each pet as we would our own pet; with compassion, patience and loving care.

Here at Animal Medical Center we take a slightly different approach to veterinary health care. Instead of directing our focus on the disease or disorder of a sick or injured pet, we direct our intention at healing; knowing that if we work with the pet’s healing abilities, we can return them to perfect health without interfering with other vital functions.



Dr. Justin Roscoe

Call Animal Medical Center at (208) 667-3418 if you feel your pet needs IMMEDIATE medical attention, especially if your pet is experiencing:

Severe bleeding
Trouble breathing
Ingested poison, including chocolate
Incessant coughing or choking on an object
Vomiting or diarrhea
Limping, lethargic or difficulty walking
Unusual pain or straining
Eye injury / Bite wounds or lacerations
Loss of appetite

If your pet is experiencing an emergency after our normal business hours, please visit:

Emergency Pet Care
Phone: (208) 777-2707
3046 E. Seltice Way
Post Falls, ID 83854 


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